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Analysis of the factors affecting the life of the common faults of chain and cast

Analysis of the factors affecting the life of the common faults of chain and cast

Issue Time:2015/08/14

  What is the reason that influences the life of cast chain

  1, for use in high temperature exceeding 400 DEG C under cast chain at work due totransport material and environmental heat so that the temperature rise, delivery of cast chain strength will be decreased with increased temperature. Cast chain use limits will depend on the material and temperature of cast chain. The safety coefficient of temperature exceeding 400 DEG C need to consult the manufacturer.

cast chain

  In consideration of problems is the need to use the cast chain under high temperature:

  1) factors often friction produce great heat;

  2) due to the different thermal expansion coefficient, when different materials are welded together with the thermal fatigue may;

  3) when the environment more than 400 DEG C parts caused by thermal expansion of intermittent reduction should be considered;

  4) creep;

  5) (high temperature) hot brittleness;

  6) carbon precipitation of brittle;

  7) the effect of change in temperature (cooling and expansion);

  8) the effects of high temperature on lubricating, heat resistance of silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide lubricating oil has good the.

  Cast chain can be used continuously, permeability and conveyor belt permeability,reduce heat consumption, improve the drying efficiency; cast chain is widely used forannealing furnace chain plate and glass products industry oven chain plate etc.. The food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, frozen foods frozen chain plate,front chain network processing machine. Cast chain maintenance is very important, so that it can achieve the longest period of use. Chain plate production line equipment,convenient cleaning, surface line body can direct water rinse device (but note power part and control part can not be cleaned with water, so as not to damage the internal parts, electric shock accidents.) In order to make the service life of the device reaches the maximum value, maintenance and maintenance is the key.

  Fault exclusion method simple introduction of the cast chain installation

  1: as cast chain jitter phenomenon, should check the transmission frame and roller conveyor tunnel has no corrosion to turn phenomenon, one by one to adjust.

  2: as cast chain appeared deviation, adjusting the driven shaft end of the tensionshaft should be slowly conditioning, remember to adjust quickly, causing the castchain edge scratch.

  3: the chain transmission type cast chain such as the jump chain, unstable operation,should check whether the two ends of the driving shaft sprocket synchronization, the tooth side is excessive wear.

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