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Overhead trolley attachment and cast chains related knowledge introduction

Overhead trolley attachment and cast chains related knowledge introduction

Aug 21,2015

 Selection of overhead trolley attachment

Selection of overhead trolley attachment

  When you design a power only or power & free overhead trolley conveyor line, you can choose various overhead trolley attachments to suit your specific application. There are several trolley attachment types for your selection,

  - H type overhead trolley attachment

  This attachment is the most widely used trolley attachment. It is a 2-piece formed steel construction suitable for almost any type of hook, rack or tray.

  - I type overhead trolley attachment

  This attachment is used as a filler on intermediate trolleys that do not carry a load. Also available in non-metallic material for noise reduction.

  - B type overhead trolley attachment

  The primary use for this attachment is to support a 4199 load bar, but it is also used for many other applications. It is a steel forging with a threaded stud.

  - C type overhead trolley attachment

  This attachment is used when a carrier design includes a clevis. It can also be used with a bent rod hook to carry light parts.

  H class cast chains

cast chain

  ZMIE “H” Class Cast Chain is an extremely strong, serviceable chain originally designed for heavy drives and transfer conveyor purposes in saw mills and the paper and pulp industry. “H” Class Cast Chain has proven itself for innumerable other industrial applications as well, especially for moderate duty in abrasive atmospheres where heavy, rugged chain is required.

  The sidebars of the “H” Class links are reinforced with wearing shoes which strengthen and stiffen the links when it is operated in troughs or over floors and runways.

  Pin holes are precision cored to assure accurate pitch sizes, which range from 2.308 to 4.000 inches. “H” Class Chain is available in both riveted and cottered construction. T-head pins engage two lugs cast on the links’ sidebars. This configuration prohibits pin rotation during chain operation, eliminating abrasive wear and pitch elongation.

  ZMIE “H” Class Cast Chain conforms to manufacturer’s standards and is completely interchangeable with chains of other manufacturers. “H” Class Cast Chain is available in ZMIE Promal with tensile ranges of 9,450 to 40,500 pounds. “H” Class Cast Chain may operate in two directions. As a drive chain, it travels in the direction of the closed barrel; for elevator or conveyor applications, it should travel toward the open ends of the links.

  Brutaloy or cast steel sprockets are available to accommodate every “H” Class pitch size. A wide assortment of attachments is also available for varied chain applications.Hangzhou ZMIE is a special chains company that is on forged chain,conveyor chain,cast chain,CC600 chain,enclosed track chain,bi planar chain,conveyor chain,overhead trolley,rivetless chain,scraper chain,forged link and so on.

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