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Know how much Overhead trolley and Enclosed track chain you?

Know how much Overhead trolley and Enclosed track chain you?

Aug 21,2015

Overhead trolley

  The overhead trolley used in overhead conveyors, which including brackets, trolley wheel and some attachment for special in need. Regarding the trolley wheels are usually available with either retainer type trolley wheels or full ball complement trolley wheels. Both have triple labyrinth seals with deep case hardened races and case hardened ball bearings.

  Retainer type wheels have been developed specifically for rugged conveyor applications. The overhead trolley wheel contains a Conrad type single row precision bearing in steel or composite retainer ring with components and clearances designed for the most adverse conveyor applications. This overhead trolley wheel has the lowest friction and highest load rating possible for a ball bearing of this size and style, ensuring longer life and lower maintenance under all conditions. This overhead trolley wheel has a maximum temperature rating of 200°F (93.3°C).

  Full ball complement type wheels have a 41% greater load carrying capacity than the Retainer style. This is reflected in longer bearing life. Because the full complement overhead trolley wheel contains no retainer or retaining ring in its assembly, it has become the preferred trolley wheel for use in applications where mechanical components are regularly subjected to dirt, grit, moisture, etc. No retainer lessens the likelihood of overhead trolley wheel “freeze-up” due to the influx of contaminants. Maximum temperature rating is 450°F (232.2°C).

  (number two)Enclosed track chain

Enclosed track chain

  ZMIE’s Enclosed Track Chain can give you reliability and low cost performance. Which side links are heat treated for longer life. The wheels are machined, not stamped. Hardened inner and outer bearing races are machined after heat treating. Ball bearings are made from high grade bearing steel for smooth operation and extended life. The symmetrical chain pins are precision drop-forged from carbon alloy steel, not stamped.

  Enclosed track chain as the important components of enclosed track conveyor, which helps prevent accidental contact with moving parts. The heavy-duty chain with symmetrical chain pin is designed to provide maximum flexibility in all directions, featuring easy assembly or disassembly with simple hand tools. Easier installation… no bulky roller turns or traction wheels to erect.

  Also various ZMIE’s enclosed track chain attachment can be selected. Use the attachment to Enclosed track chain, the load or carrier can most easily be attached, keeping within the load ratings. Except the standard attachments, almost any type of ZMIE’s Enclosed track chain attachments can be fabricated on special order ot you’re your specialized applications.

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