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Where is the way out for the chain

Where is the way out for the chain

Issue Time:2015-08-21

Hanging chain system flexible components adjacent or opposite the same parts of the same. Machinery, mechanism and machine all on the use of hanging chain are called industrial chain. Countries have formulated the corresponding standards in the hanging chain quality regulations, parameters and performance indexes of various chain by the international standardization organization ISO. Approval according to the sampling of the corresponding standards, criteria currently only JB/JQ18006-88 "precision roller chain sleeve chain grading of product quality".
Export manufacturing in our country has a lot of chain enterprises suspension, the international market demand for the large hanging chain. In recent years, China's trade with Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union increases very quickly, the number of high strength chain hanging exports to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe increased gradually. In North America and Europe, America and high strength chain in Canada, annual imports of about 2-3 billion dollars per year; Germany imports about 100000000 Mark; Southeast Asia market amount is not large, but relatively stable; the world's major industrial countries gradually by the technology intensive products to replace labor and material intensive products, by the self-made to import. At the same time, these products are relatively host or complete sets of equipment is not need a lot of after sale service, such as China's exports opened convenient ways of hanging chain.
Hanging chain organic combination with mechanism and heat treatment process after the process route, through the reform materials, stamping, heat treatment, the assembly (or welded) forming. At present, the domestic enterprise mostly adopts the plane, line or production line manufacturing, some enterprises are still the key process increases the nondestructive testing.
Hanging chain drive and gear drive has the characteristics as follows:
1 suitable for high temperature, dust, damp bad environment
More than 2 tooth bearing, good safety performance;
3 manufacturing, installation precision requirement is low
4 flexible transmission, absorption of shock and vibration; 5 center distance range is large; 6 high efficiency, accurate transmission.

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