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Variety describes the role of various forged chain

Variety describes the role of various forged chain

Aug 21,2015

forged chain divided into: Short pitch transmission roller forged chain, transmission with double pitch roller forged chain, drive forged chain with a sleeve, heavy-duty transmission roller forged chain with a curved plate, with a silent forged chain drive, continuously variable forged chain length pitch conveyor forged chain, short pitch roller conveyor forged chains, double pitch roller forged chain, conveyor speed, plate forged chain, hanging forged chain, conveyor forged chain and so on.

The remaining products are as follows:

Stainless steel forged chain: Parts made ​​of stainless steel, this forged chain suitable for the food industry and vulnerable to chemical, pharmaceutical and other erosion occasions, but also for high temperature applications.

Nickel-plated forged chain, galvanized forged chain, chrome forged chain: all carbon steel forged chain can be composed of surface treatment, the part surface after nickel, zinc or chrome plated, may be suitable for use in outdoor water erosion and other occasions, but could not prevent the concentration of chemical liquid corrosion.


Self-lubricating forged chain: Some parts soaked by a lubricating sintered metal, such forged chains with wear, excellent corrosion resistance, no maintenance (maintenance), long life characteristics. Widely used by high strength, wear-resistant requirements, and can not always be maintained occasions, such as the food industry automated production lines, high-end bicycle racing, less maintenance precision transmission machinery.

O-ring forged chain: roller forged chain between the inner and outer forged chain plates fitted with O-ring seal to prevent dust from entering and grease out of the hinge. After a rigorous pre-lubricated forged chain. Because the forged chain with superior parts and reliable lubrication can be used for motorcycles and other open drive.

Rubber forged chain: These forged chains are based on A, plus the U-shaped plate on the B series forged chains attached outside the forged chain link, the glue board attached rubber (such as natural rubber, NR, silicone rubber, SI, etc.) can increase wear, reduce noise, increased shock tolerance. For delivery.

Tines forged chain: This forged chain is widely used in the timber industry, such as timber feed and output, cutting, transportation and other transfer station.

Agricultural forged chain: agricultural machinery forged chain suitable for field work such as walking tractor, thresher, combine harvesters and other. This forged chain requires low cost but can withstand impact and abrasion resistance, in addition, the forged chain should be coated with grease or automatic lubrication.

High strength of the link: It is a special roller forged chain, enhanced by improving the shape of the forged chain plate, thick plate forged chain, the link plates of fine blanking aperture, the pin heat treatment may improve the tensile strength of 15 to 30%, and has good impact resistance, fatigue performance.

Scoliosis forged chain: This forged chain has a larger gap between the hinge and forged chain plate gap, and thus have greater flexibility for bending transmission and distribution.

Escalator forged chain: for the escalators, walkways. Because of the long escalator working hours, safety requirements, smooth operation. Therefore, this step forged chain must meet the requirements specified minimum ultimate tensile load, the total length of the deviation of the two paired forged chains, cascade from bias.

Motorcycle forged chain: to use the definition of the forged chain from the forged chain structure of points, there are roller forged chains and bush forged chains of two types, from the part used on motorcycles to points, it has to use the engine and engine outside using two, most of the forged chain in the engine using a sleeve forged chain structure, the forged chain outside the engine is used to drive the rear wheel drive forged chain, mostly using roller forged chains. Such forged chains should pay particular attention to ensure that fatigue performance.

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