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The direction of future development of the industry forged chain

The direction of future development of the industry forged chain

August 21,2015

The direction of future development of the industry forged chain
     A, variety, quality, brand development direction. At present, China's industrial forged chain of production, although there are more than 3,000 varieties of species, but it is narrow, incomplete specifications, especially in some large, different specifications of the forged chain and "high" still weak product development capabilities, quality at medium and low, and no international well-known brands. Thus, variety, quality, brand development to be synchronized with the world, "tens of thousands of varieties, the quality of high-end, brand-strong" is the main direction. "Fifth" period, in order to speed up and increase the development and production of large, different size forged chain, engineering machinery forged chain, various transmission conveyor forged chains, stainless steel forged chains and other marketable products as the focus; to develop automobile tight timing forged chain represented precision forged chain as a focal point; motorcycle forged chain in an effort to improve the quality and grade as the representative of the conventional forged chain as a breakthrough to enhance the China forged chain product and market quality. As long as we pursue high quality, China will create their own strong brand, and known to the world.
     Second, the manufacturing forged chain technology development. At present, the domestic forged chain enterprises the level of forged chain techniques vary considerably, therefore, accelerate the use of high-tech and advanced applicable technologies to upgrade the forged chain industry, the development of "efficient, precise, pipeline, automation, specialization," the system forged chain technology is an important direction. Focus on the following weaknesses:
(A) improve the forged chain material, make use of the strength of domestic material production forged chain to achieve the average European, American and Japanese standards breaking load.
(2) restructuring to improve the level of raw materials, elimination of outdated coal-Bi furnace annealing method, using nitrogen (or a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen) to protect the hood-type annealing furnace; advanced, fast rolling and even pull technology.
        (3) improve the parts and the whole forged chain of manufacturing level, on the existing basis, to accelerate next-generation high-speed, precision manufacturing forged chain plane of research and development; extensive promotion and application of domestic and foreign advanced technology and efficient precision tooling plane; accelerate forged chain board high-speed punching and pin high-speed cutting of carbide dies, pin super polished sleeve Buhler machines and MRP using pre-bent optimal processing method, an advanced high-speed roller forged chain rolling production, large-sized forged chain machinery assembly and other new technology, new technology research and development.
     Therefore, as long as seize opportunities, China will maintain the existing forged chain industry development trend. And that the key is to open up the market, so open up the domestic market, the bigger international market, into a forged chain of high-grade market is China market development.

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