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After oiling the forged link chain should pay attention to what matters

After oiling the forged link chain should pay attention to what matters

Issue Time:2015-08-21

After oiling the forged link chain should pay attention to what matters: There is dialed after the car hit the forged link chain before the forged link chain to the smallest appropriated state minimum wheel round, so the forged link chain relatively loose, easy to operate, after the cut off is not easy. "Bomb."
After cleaning the forged link chain oil, slowly reverse tooth plate, from the inside out after the call forged link chain links should be able to be straightened, and if the link is also maintained a certain point of view, that it is not smooth movements, belonging deadlock, should be adjustments. Found to be damaged forged link chain links must be replaced, maintaining strict recommendations shimano forged link chain and used to distinguish three pin connector pin.
Note that using the forged link chain tool Euparagonimus, this is not easy to get crooked thimble. Tools used with care, can protect a good tool, but also achieved very good results, otherwise the tool vulnerable to injury, suffered damage to more easily damaged parts of the tool, it is a vicious circle. Always keep the forged link chain joints between some oil on the line, not much, a little on the line. Starvation situation is reversed forged link chain after riding up devastated weave sound, even above a rusty, so is the need oiled, if you're going to go out today, a 100km ride off-road, but also on some oil can before, This is obviously more than a brisk day riding here say, if it is wd40, even if you start in the morning before the oil, then in the summer, the hottest time to Qinglongshan 100km cross-country road is very bad, then when you return these Oil on the same subject, if it is finishiline, no problem.

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