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For mining chain,ZMIE should have more further

For mining chain,ZMIE should have more further

Aug 21,2015

For mining chain,ZMIE should have more further

2014 With the development of the global industrial engineering equipment , mechanical engineering further expansion , the rapid development of mining machinery, engineering machinery , construction machinery needed for the various mechanical parts, industrial parts, engineering chain is also an opportunity for rapid development.For ZMIE chain in terms of construction machinery , especially mining chain, paver chain, forged fork chain , etc. are great opportunities for development.ZMIE will be conducted in the next few years for a variety of their own already has  forged fork chain improvement, producing more forged chain, such as forged chain with flight, Forged double fork chain, Forged link chain and so on.Meanwhile the mining chain, paver chain ZMIE also have a lot of plans of development for focusing on customer needs and the design will be developed in the mining chain ZMIE , improve product quality.
For Paver Chain is the same attitude.

But the competition of construction machinery chain is also very intense, such as 4B, FB, Promac, Wulf Chain chain for the development of construction machinery has a strong power, these multinational companies in the construction machinery industry chain has most of the developed markets , so ZMIE for the development of developing countries will be more detailed , more targeted engineering chain development program.For projects in Brazil , South Africa, Russia and other countries of mechanical production, assembly and other aspects of construction machinery and equipment manufacturing and engineering design appropriate chain .As for South Africa in terms of mineral excavation , Mining C can undoubtedly be more market and forged fork chain is also a great opportunity.Minig Chain must have strong hardness, greater wear resistance.

In addition to Russia needs more of a forged fork chain for the mining of minerals , wood indutsry chain conveyor for mining timber , paver chain , such as for a variety of bulk materials transport , etc. , for these different projects need is a chain for continuously updated customer requirements and technology , improve product quality , research and development of new engineering chain.

The most important thing is the Brazilian market, the market for the next five years Nei Baxi minig chain, demand for forged fork chain will grow exponentially , the growth in demand for construction machinery and equipment , while the number of mechanical engineering constantly upgrading and other factors are so important that Brazil will become the future rapid development of construction machinery industry .So for ming chain , with respect to ZMIE Chain chain for real in terms of construction machinery will be a huge challenge but also opportunities.

June 2014 ZMIE will appear in the M & T EXPO, brasil will bring a variety of high-quality forged fork chain, minig chain, warm invitation to visit the manufacturing chain in Brazil .

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