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Bulk material conveyor chain is needed for construction machinery

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Bulk material conveyor chain is needed for construction machinery

Issue Time:2015-08-21

  Bulk material conveyor chain conveyor chain is part of one , but it is also an important part of transmission system components.Generally for overhead conveyo, floor conveyor, power & free conveyor etc. belong conveyor chain by the use of the field , the vast majority are using drop forged chain, cast chain, overhead conveyor components.The vast majority of these products are not the large size of the chain, but the transmission chain is on the large size of the chain, including the paver chain, double pitch conveyor chain, agricultural chain, wood industry chain, sugar mill chain, palm oil mill chain, etc.Different large chain also applies to different places, such as drop forged chain suitable for mining, Engineering, paver chain suitable for bulk cargo transportation , wood industry chain suitable for timber transportation and other mining .

  So for in Engineering, mining, bucket handing mechanical engineering , mining and other heavy industrial series production requires a lot of drop forged conveyors, it also requires a lot of Bulk material conveyor chain, will have forged fork chain, scraper conveyor chain and other needs of the product.For Bulk material conveyor chain in terms of application of the overwhelming majority of construction machinery, the overwhelming majority of the mine excavation, cement conveyor belt. So long as it is a big project needs, then bulk material conveyor chain will increase .

  We forecast that in the period 2020 to 2014 in South America , especially Brazil market will greatly increase the demand for bulk material conveyor chain , because of the World Cup, the Olympics will promote the continuous construction of a large number of major projects.So for bulk material conveyor chain is bound to have a lot of demand for Chinese chain manufacturer for these conveyor chain, transmission of the two also have the opportunity to grow production chain .

  ZMIE SUNRISE COMPANY focused on the production of drop forged conveyor chain, forged fork chain, bulk material conveyor chain, but also in power transmission chain, overhead conveyor components and other fields have many years of experience. Long-term in the United States , Europe has a large number of customers, focusing on bulk material conveyor chain development

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